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Grand Rounds – Finding the Innovation and Value in Digital Health: Selling Digital Solutions to Health Systems | Mike Freni | October 26, 2022

Mike Freni is Vice President, Business Development at Mass General Brigham, where he focuses on supporting the commercialization of key Mass General Brigham assets, collaboration with industry, and exploration of potential digital and artificial intelligence investments for the venture fund. Before joining Mass General Brigham Innovation, Mike spent ten years in Mass General Brigham Corporate Business Planning, where he most recently held the split role of Senior Executive Director of Business Transformation and Corporate Director of Business Planning. In his role, he was responsible for leading large system-wide strategic initiatives across Mass General Brigham, including exploration of new business opportunities, operational and financial improvement of key hospitals and their assets, mergers and acquisitions, physician and hospital network development, joint venture and partnership opportunities, the development of innovative clinical offerings, and large capital projects. Mike holds a B.A. from the College of the Holy Cross and an M.B.A from Boston College.

In this MGB Innovation Grand Rounds, Mike will speak about how best to position your digital innovations for commercial success in an ever-changing health marketplace.

Learn More: www.innovationmeshnetwork.org / innovation.massgeneralbrigham.org

Chief Innovation Officer: Chris Coburn
Grand Rounds Director: Marc Succi, MD