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    A la carte: The Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with Real Demos! (MESH CORE)

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived and it’s changing healthcare. Being able to access vast data sets has the potential to create invaluable information that will guide treatment methods and their outcomes, survival rates, and millions of patients acquiring the right care. The Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Including Real Demos led by Kathy Andriole, PhD will explore the possibilities of using AI and ML in the healthcare setting.

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    A la carte: The Fundamentals of Digital Health (MESH CORE)

    Digital health is increasingly prevalent in every aspect of healthcare today. While a valuable player during COVID-19, infrastructure to support digital health solutions has been in-place and growing for decades. In this session, Alistair Erskine, MD, Chief Digital Health Officer at Mass General Brigham, lays out the digital health landscape and plans for the future.
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    MGB Innovation MESH Core

    MGB Innovation MESH Core: Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp is the flagship course of the MESH Network. This investigator-built course is designed for the beginner innovator - just the right amount a new clinician or researcher needs to know to participate in the innovation process, network intelligently at conferences, and leverage the resources of a world-class health system. In this course, you will systematically learn foundational knowledge, such as the process of creating a new company, landscape digital health, building real artificial intelligence demos, basics of the invention process, patents and much more - all of which are relevant to a vast number of healthcare innovations today. These are the fundamentals necessary for efficient translational innovation to position yourself to be a standout collaborator and healthcare innovator. Prior effectiveness of this course has been show in a peer-reviewed publication. The MESH Core course creator and director is Marc Succi, MD. It has been run yearly since 2018.