MGB Innovation MESH Core

MGB Innovation MESH Core: Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp is the flagship course of the MESH Network. This investigator-built course is designed for the beginner innovator - just the right amount a new clinician or researcher needs to know to participate in the innovation process, network intelligently at conferences, and leverage the resources of a world-class health system. In this course, you will systematically learn foundational knowledge, such as the process of creating a new company, landscape digital health, building real artificial intelligence demos, basics of the invention process, patents and much more - all of which are relevant to a vast number of healthcare innovations today. These are the fundamentals necessary for efficient translational innovation to position yourself to be a standout collaborator and healthcare innovator. Prior effectiveness of this course has been show in a peer-reviewed publication. The MESH Core course creator and director is Marc Succi, MD. It has been run yearly since 2018.