Help / Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Register here. Use your Mass General Brigham username for the “username field”.

Can I use Single Sign On?

Only after initial registration using a Mass General Brigham username, Mass General Brigham users can use OKTA Single Sign On. Click the link as shown in the image below at the “Sign in” link here:

What fields should I fill out on my profile?

We strongly recommend filling out all fields and uploading a headshot. The more information your provide, the more visible you are in the Innovator Search Directory, opening up opportunities for potential collaborations. 

Can I give an "A la carte" lecture or course?

Yes! If you are interested in giving a subject-matter expert individual session or complete course, we are happy to speak with you. if approved by the Network Director, we will professionally film you and edit the course, to be used on this platform. You may then share your course! Email Marc Succi, MD and include the subject and target audience of the session or course you are planning. 

Who created and runs the Innovation MESH Network™?

The Innovation MESH Network™ was created by the MESH Incubator, Mass General Brigham’s technology and entrepreneurship incubator, and Mass General Brigham Innovation. It was created by Marc Succi, MD directly in consultation with Chris Coburn, CIO, with continuous feedback Mass General Brigham Innovation Commercialization Council. Dr. Succi, also a licensed inventor an active entrepreneur, is the Executive Director of the MESH Incubator, and Clinician-in-Residence at Mass General Brigham, as well as a Radiologist at Mass General.