A la carte: Smart EHRs: AI for All (WMIF)

Moderator: O’Neil Britton, MD, SVP and CMO, MGH
Dan Burton, CEO, Health Catalyst
Seth Hain, Director, Analytics & Machine Learning, Epic
Sudhir Kulkarni, President, Digital, Persistent Systems
Noga Leviner, CEO, Picnic Health
Diana Nole, CEO, Wolters Kluwer Health

The first wave of EHR adoption has focused primarily on digitizing the patient record – with a more recent focus on building interactive clinical decision support capabilities. Development and implementation of CDS applications currently requires clinical staff to observe trends in data, develop protocols to act on these trends and work with technical staff to codify the logic into executable form. As NLP and computer vision capabilities become more advanced, algorithms will identify and propose actions reflecting patterns in the data. The panel will discuss existing challenges and whether AI technology will ultimately support an unsupervised learning approach in the EHR to identify trends and possible responses at both the patient and population level?

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